Midway Museum marks 10-year anniversary

Midway is most visited naval ship museum in world

San Diego - Under two from the mothball fleet in Bremerton, Wash., the USS Midway arrived at its new home in San Diego on January 10, 2004, to begin a new journey as a floating museum.  

"It was a challenge, no question, to convert a warship into a museum," said Scott McGaugh, the USS Midway Museum marketing director.

IMAGES: USS Midway celebrates 10 years in San Diego http://bit.ly/1aP1jEY  

The process took 12 years from the ship's decommissioning to arrival in San Diego, with a constant effort to update and open up new areas of the ship.

A 90-seat theater will be the next exhibit showcasing the Battle of Midway for which the ship is named. The battle near Midway Island turned the tables in the Pacific for the American fleet after the devastation at Pearl Harbor.

In the 10 years since the ship arrived, it has hosted events like a college basketball game, "American Idol" and the NFL, to name a few.

The museum boasts of more than 700 private events a year, as well as a number of re-enlistments, retirements and change-of-command ceremonies for active-duty Navy personnel.  

The real treasure, however, are the hundreds of volunteers that put in untold hours to maintain the USS Midway, which included scores of veterans who served on the ship in her 50 years of service.

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