Microsoft training program helping veterans as they transition out of military

Information technology classes underway at 3 bases

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. - Microsoft has rolled out a training program at three military bases to help veterans as they transition out of the military.  

"As soon as I heard about this opportunity, I jumped on it," said Cpl. Joseph Priest.

He is one of 18 Marines at Camp Pendleton taking part in a 16-week Microsoft certification program.  

"70 percent of those who go through the program are working in the tech industry," said Sean Kelly, who is with Microsoft. Kelly is a veteran himself and served in the Navy.

The technology giant first made the program available at a base in Washington near its corporate headquarters. Now, Microsoft has rolled it out to Camp Pendleton and Fort Hood in Texas.  

"It's great to be able to do this while we are transitioning because we still get a stable paycheck because we're on active duty," said Staff Sgt. Taylor Harris.  

The program makes no guarantee of employment, but it does offer its graduates a guarantee of an interview with Microsoft.

"That's huge," said Priest. "Those kinds of opportunities don't come around very often."

Taking a certification program on the outside can cost thousands of dollars. Microsoft is hoping to expand the program to other bases in the near future.

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