Mexican media reports conflict with jailed Marine's story about entering Mexico

Andrew Tahmooressi said he made wrong turn

SAN DIEGO - Marine Andrew Tahmooressi knowingly crossed the U.S.-Mexico border with guns and may have a mystery girlfriend with family in Mexico, according to Mexican media reports.

Last week, Team 10 broke the story on how easy someone could unknowingly cross into Mexico by taking the wrong turn. Tahmooressi said that is what happened to him just over a month ago when he was trying to meet a friend in San Ysidro.

Mexican police jailed Tahmooressi because he had legally registered guns on him.

"It's unfortunate he got lost and there was not adequate signage," said his mother, Jill Tahmooressi.

Andrew Tahmooressi said he had just moved from Florida to seek treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder in San Diego and had all his belongings in his truck.

However, new reports by Mexican media tell a different story, indicating Tahmooressi was getting help for PTSD in Mexico.

Other reports say he had a girlfriend who has family in Tijuana and he may have been heading there to visit them.

Tahmooressi's mom doesn't believe any of it.

"He would not go to Mexico because they don't have that syndrome in Mexico. That's a lot of speculative questions and I cannot wait for him to get home, then you can ask all the questions. I'm sure he'll answer all the facts of his personal life," said Jill.

She said the only other time he's been to Mexico was on a cruise in 2005.

Meanwhile, Rep. Duncan Hunter has been fighting for Tahmooressi's release. He is now asking the U.S. Defense Secretary to cease military help to Mexico.

There are now new electronic signs set up along Interstate 5 heading into Mexico that read: "Return to USA, 900 feet."

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