SD man obtains licensing rights to nearly 20 years of 'Merv Griffin Show'

Local company has licensing rights to shows

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego man has obtained licensing rights to nearly 20 years of the "Merv Griffin Show."

Thousands of hours of "who's who" from politicians to musicians are now being chronicled locally with interviews that many people have never seen before.

"He's truly one of the greatest interviewers we've ever had," said David Peck, who is with Reelin' in the Years Productions. 

Peck now has the licensing rights to the comprehensive archives of the show.

"The thing that gives me the most joy is finding something," he told 10News. "There's that kind of like 'ah ha,' like when an archeologist digs something up like an old bone."

The archives contain 2,000 hours and 5,000 guests. Clips from these shows are strictly for use in documentaries and movies.

"Thirty seconds here, a minute there, that's the main crux of what I do," he added. 

Those clips range in price from $1,000 to $6,000 for less than 60 seconds. The "who's who" of notable guests include four U.S. presidents, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., legendary actors and comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and musical legends like the late Whitney Houston, who made her first television appearance on the show.

They are shows from America's history that can now be seen by millions.

"This stuff shouldn't be locked in a vault," Peck added.

He says these archives are not for fans or collectors but for professional use. 

If you would like to see clips from the shows dating back to the 1960s, click here.

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