Memories of couple's late son stolen: Photos, videos taken from U-Haul during cross-country move

Family pleads for return of irreplacable items

SAN DIEGO - A local family whose only memories of their late son were stolen out of a U-Haul during their move across the country is pleading with the thieves to return the items.

Stew and Rita Skomra only have a few photos left of their son Trent, who passed away in June.

"We can't take anymore photos of him," said Stew Skomra.

Last week, the couple was driving their U-Haul from San Diego to Illinois when thieves stole the moving truck from a hotel parking lot in Omaha, Nebraska. It was packed full of memories and other priceless items.

"We lost his death certificate, we lost his letter jacket, we lost 25 years of home, family videos," said Skomra.

Trent, a Poway High School graduate, was planning on attending law school when he suddenly passed away in his sleep at his grandparents' house.

10News talked to his parents on Tuesday and the pain is still fresh.

"Give us back our memories, the snapshot photo albums … Rita's and my wedding albums," said Skomra.

His wife added, "I felt like I was reliving Trent passing away again … Everything's gone now."

Skomra, who owns a GPS tracking company, had attached 6 GPS devices to the U-Haul. Thieves ripped off five of them but not before they were able to track the truck. When they got the truck back, it was nearly empty.

"Family photo albums, portraits, all the individual framed pictures, financial records, our son's … everything from his funeral, all of the things that are just not replaceable," said Skomra.

The couple is less concerned about the jewelry and electronics but would give anything to have their irreplaceable memories returned.

"If it were a year from now, I'd have the devices done that go inside the boxes and we'd be able to find our keepsakes and our son's memories," said Skomra.

10News reached out to the Omaha Police Department but have not yet heard back.

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