Bench honoring Loren Nancarrow in Del Mar targeted for removal: City offers to work on new location

Considered to be violating emergency access routes

DEL MAR, Calif. - A new bench overlooking Del Mar's dog beach serves as a sturdy memorial to Loren Nancarrow, the long-time San Diego television anchor who recently died of brain cancer and who was honored with a surfers' paddle out at another beach a couple miles north.

Amateur photographer Jim Grant told 10News, "I think it's great. It's extremely durable. It's extremely attractive and whoever created it with the image of a dog biscuit was very creative … a nice addition to dog beach."

It has also been tagged for removal by the city of Del Mar. 10News checked and the bench is considered to be in violation of emergency access routes to the beach. It was erected without any permits being drawn. 10News was also told there is a waiting list for memorials on city property.

Del Mar officials have not heard from the artist. He has remained anonymous although 10News found the initials RKH #23 scratched underneath.

A note attached to the bench from the city of Del Mar urges the creator to work with the city regarding long term placement and that it will be removed pending whatever solution might be found.

Several people who frequent the beach like the bench, while understanding there are channels to go through.

Linda Cleeland summed it up.

"I think it's a great idea to have a bench here and it's unfortunate the city said no," she said. "I understand why – building codes and so forth – but I think it's tastefully done and in a good location."

Loren's wife, Susie, likes it as well and she, too, recognizes the city's position.

“It's a beautiful tribute to Loren," she said. "It's a beautiful bench. It's real touching. I think he's deserving of that and I'm in support of whatever the city of Del Mar and the artist decide."

The Surfing Madonna tile mosaic in Encinitas ran into the same situation almost three years ago. After negotiations, it was moved to a permanent location in public view but not on public property.

The San Diego City Council is scheduled to proclaim Tuesday as "Loren Nancarrow Day" in the city of San Diego.

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