Mega-pod of dolphins spotted near Mission Bay

More than 1,000 dolphins swarmed coast

SAN DIEGO - Thousands of dolphins have swarmed San Diego waters over the past few days. Mega-pods of common dolphins have been captured on camera by San Diego Whale Watch, which shows the animals swimming alongside boats, churning coastal waters.

"What was so impressive about what they were seeing the last few days were that the dolphin pods were packed tightly together as they are moving through the water," explained Mark Gillette, who co-owns and operates the whale watching company.

The mega-pods have been spotted in the past three days about 3 to 5 miles from Mission Bay at all hours of the day.

10News crews caught up with whale watchers Tuesday afternoon, but not everyone was lucky to see the rare sight.

"I was kind of disappointed because the first group before us saw them," said 10-year-old Ashley Sclesky. "The crew members showed us the spot where they saw the dolphins, but I didn't get to see any."

It is not clear why the dolphins are showing up in giant pods, but it is not uncommon to see them during this time of year. Marine experts say the animals often follow their food sources to shallow waters.

"A lot of times they gather a group of mackerel, anchovies or sardines and they'll ball them up and explode through the water which is absolutely fascinating to see," said Gillette.

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