Mega Millions ticket bought at Naval Base San Diego still unclaimed

Ticket worth nearly $171K

SAN DIEGO - Whoever bought a Mega Millions ticket worth nearly $171,000 at Naval Base San Diego for the Sept. 14 drawing has less than a month left to claim the prize, the California Lottery announced Thursday.

The ticket -- it matched winning numbers 40, 21, 51, 16 and 17 but not the Mega number, 20 -- was bought at the Escape Snack Bar.

The deadline to claim the cash is March 13, according to the lottery.

According to lottery officials, if the holder of the ticket is deployed, he or she can mail it to a lottery office and include copies of their identification, or have a friend take it to an office. They said players who work on the base or live nearby should look for the ticket or risk losing out on the cash.

Past and current draw results can be obtained by calling (800) 568-8379, or online at

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