Two new beluga whales arrive at SeaWorld

SAN DIEGO - One of two new beluga whales at SeaWorld San Diego went on display Monday and the other should make its local public debut soon, theme park officials said.

The whales arrived at the park on Sunday, according to SeaWorld. Atla, a 4-year-old female, came from SeaWorld San Antonio and went on display in the Wild Arctic exhibit in San Diego.

Klondike, an 11-year-old male from SeaWorld Orlando, should go on display soon.

"The transport for Klondike and Atla went very smoothly," said Eric Otjen, SeaWorld's assistant curator of mammals.

He said Atla has been introduced to another female, Pearl, and they are doing well together.

SeaWorld San Diego sent a 32-year-old male whale, Nanuq, to the Orlando location.

Theme park officials say the movements help the whales with socialization while maintaining genetic diversity.

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