Mayoral candidates Kevin Faulconer, Nathan Fletcher speak on San Diego's tech future

Two of the leading candidates in the San Diego mayor's race both believe America's Finest City can turn into the next Silicon Valley.

Republican City Councilman Kevin Faulconer and former state Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, a Democrat, both spoke to technology news website Mashable about the importance of building a strong tech community in San Diego, but each candidate noted the city has much to overcome to make that happen.

Fletcher, who is employed by Qualcomm, told Mashable, "We're not going to surpass the Bay Area overnight … But I think if we work on it, we can have a real powerful statement."

In Mashable's article, Faulconer said he wants to provide certain incentives to build San Diego's tech presence, including lowering rent on office space.

"[Entrepreneurs] want that balance of not only a great life balance, but a great working style," Faulconer told Mashable.

In the article, both candidates said they believe in San Diego's need for incubators, which they said could help tech businesses grow from the ground up and attract possible investors.

"We have great intellectual capital, and great creative ideas," Faulconer told Mashable. "We are one of the most innovative cities in the country."

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