Mayor Bob Filner presents award to Alvarado Water Treatment Plant, avoids 10News questions

Filner does not comment on Dems meeting

SAN DIEGO - The controversy over the allegations of sexual harassment against Mayor Bob Filner overshadowed a prestigious award he presented to the city of San Diego's Alvarado Water Treatment Plant.

Filner spoke during the award ceremony Thursday morning, where the treatment plant received the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award (OCEAN) from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for its ozone upgrade and expansion project.

"Thank you so much for all the work that you all do every day of the year," Filner said.

Early in his remarks, he cracked a joke about being a former engineering student and chemistry major, which lightened the mood and caused the audience to laugh.

After taking pictures with public utilities and public works staff, 10News tried to ask him questions regarding the scandal and Thursday night's meeting of the San Diego County Democratic Party.

"Mayor, can we ask you a few questions?" 10News reporter Melissa Mecija asked. "What are your thoughts tonight on the meeting? Mayor, can you tell us why you won't talk to 10News?"

All questions went unanswered as Filner, flanked by his security staff, entered his black SUV and left the event.

The San Diego County Democratic Party will hold a special meeting Thursday night where it is expected that the party will make an official stance regarding the allegations surrounding the mayor.


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