Mayor Bob Filner has Wednesday deadline to file info on France trip

Must be filed at city clerk's office

SAN DIEGO - San Diego Mayor Bob Filner must file information about his recent trip to France by the close of business Wednesday, despite his evasive answers on the trip to Team 10.

In a news release from his office last week, the organization listed as paying his way overseas was declared as 501(c)(3). But as Team 10 first reported, the Organization of Iranian-American Communities is not listed as a 501(c)(3).

A filing with the clerk's office is a different matter from sending out a news release to the media. It's an official document and must be accurate.

Once the clerk's office receives the documentation, it goes to the city's Ethics Commission.

Team 10 has filed public records requests on the trip that are not yet filled. Additionally, Investigator Mitch Blacher has repeatedly asked the mayor questions about the trip, which have not been answered.

Inside sources said the mayor's security detail cost taxpayers $22,000, even though the officers missed their flight and met up with Filner overseas a day late.

The mayor spoke at a conference for the group, and Team 10 found video of his short speech online. During his couple of minutes on the stage, Filner said women will "set us free."

News of sexual harassment allegations broke several days after his return to San Diego.

Team 10 is working to find out the ramifications of what could happen if Mayor Filner does not file information about the trip to France by the Wednesday deadline, and what could happen if false information is filed.

Check back throughout the day for updates to this story as information comes in.

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