May Day rally, march held downtown: Protestors calling for immigration reform

March in support of International Day of Action

SAN DIEGO - Protestors marched through the streets of downtown San Diego on Wednesday calling for immigration reform.

They participated in one of many rallies held worldwide on May Day, which is recognized on May 1.

In a sea of colorful flags downtown, union workers marched from the Civic Center Plaza to make a statement. They were there to commemorate what is known as an International Day of Action. 

One focus of Wednesday's march locally was for 500 local janitors in San Diego who stand to lose their jobs because of E-Verify, the government system which checks employment eligibility.

"Many people are at risk of losing that income that they have because the situation with immigration," said Moses Cuevas, an organizer of the local May Day event from the UDW, or homecare providers union.

They began their walk at 3 p.m. and marched down Broadway toward the plaza of the federal building. Some held artisan butterflies on a stick as a symbol of migration, while a few others in the crowd say they were not pleased with what they saw.

"This is not right," said one woman who identified herself only as Betty. "This is America. Where are the American flags?"

Their march took them through the streets of downtown and along Harbor Drive past some of San Diego's largest hotels.

"The local unions that represent hotel employees – and there are a lot of them – are at risk of losing their jobs," said Cuevas, who added that the route was purposefully selected for that reason.

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