Massive geyser in La Jolla after truck hits fire hydrant

LA JOLLA - Witnesses say a truck slammed into a fire hydrant in La Jolla early Tuesday, causing a massive geyser that shot up higher than a nearby two-story home.

The crash at Soledad Avenue and Crespo Drive was reported about 12:20 a.m, according to Officer Dino Delimitros with the San Diego Police Department. The geyser gushed for about four hours.

It appears the driver first hit a cable box, which knocked out cable to about half the neighborhood. Cable was restored early Tuesday morning.

Neighbors who heard the crash said they ran out and saw three men jump out of a black truck and then take off. But the truck didn't get very far because one of its tires was flat.

Witnesses tell 10News the three men were walking around after the crash. When a neighbor asked where they were going, he said they pointed in the opposite direction of where they were walking. The license plate may help police track the driver down.

No injuries were reported but at least one home had water damage.

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