Marines unveil one-man play at local base to combat problem drinking

Star Adam Driver was Camp Pendleton Marine

SAN DIEGO - In a few days, a local Marine base will put on a dramatic effort aimed at problem drinking, led by an actor on a personal mission.

Adam Driver stars in the award-winning series "Girls" and notched a role in the film "Lincoln," but Driver said his upcoming role at MCAS Miramar might be one of his most important.

10News obtained rehearsal footage from the one-man show "Rum and Vodka," which is about a 24-year-old Irishman whose pub-hopping ways nearly destroy his life.

The half-hour play is followed by a panel discussion and audience interaction.

"Plays have the unique power to open up discussion and move people to tell their stories. We're hoping when Marines see themselves reflected in a well-told story, that conversation can happen," said Bryan Doerries, the founder of Theater of War, which created the program.

It is the Marines' newest campaign in the fight to curb drinking. Random breathalyzer tests were introduced at Marine and Navy bases in January.

Last month, the program played out at Camp Pendleton.

For Driver, this mission is also personal. in 2002, he enlisted in the Marines and was based at Camp Pendleton. An injury forced him out of the Marines after two years.

He said he saw how alcohol created havoc in the lives of fellow Marines, and it served as one motivation for the project.  

"There's nothing more satisfying as an actor than to be able to do something that could be having an effect, or spur a conversation," said Driver.

He said the conversation at Camp Pendleton was honest and engaging.

"Using your craft in a way that starts a dialogue in a community that normally wouldn't have that dialogue, there's nothing more gratifying," said Driver.

"Rum and Vodka" will take place at MCAS Miramar on Monday.

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