Marines treated to special outing, Thanksgiving Day meal

Oceanside Yacht Club give back to troops

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - Fifty Marines on 11 different boats were treated to a day out on the water and a Thanksgiving Day meal, thanks to members of the Oceanside Yacht Club.  

"They give so much to us every day," said Betsy Lucarelli, the club director."This is our way of saying thanks for what they do."

This is the ninth year the club has done this.

"This is really nice. Otherwise we'd be in the barracks," said Pvt. Jesus Zuniga who hails from Lakeland, Florida."It's kind of lonely."

Training schedules prevented many from going home for the holiday.  

Joe Cramer, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel, was at the helm of his boat the "Sea Angel" and was surprised to learn many of the Marines had never been out on the ocean before, but all came away with a cellphone full of memories as dolphins played alongside the motor vessel.

When they returned to the dock, Chef John Davidson had a Thanksgiving feast waiting for them with much of the food donated by Stone Brewery.

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