Marine sergeant accused in road rage incident shows softer side

Talks to kids about teamwork in online video

CAMP PENDLETON - The Marine sergeant accused of launching into a profanity-laced road rage on Camp Pendleton has a softer side. It is found on a YouTube video recorded at the elementary school where his mother works.

"I am so proud of him that my heart could burst," Sheila Brightman tells children at a school assembly. "But boys and girls, I want to tell why else I'm proud of him. I am proud of him because he is a loving, wonderful son."

Video: Inside Edition interviews driver in Marine's road rage incident

Sgt. Brightman, who was awarded the Purple Heart for being injured during the war in Afghanistan, spoke to the children about teamwork as he gestured in the direction of four other Marines from his unit.

"I can honestly say that if they didn't do their jobs, I wouldn't be here today," he says in the video. "These guys got me through thick and thin in Afghanistan. We were in firefights together. We got shot at by guys. We did a lot of stuff over there together and I got shot by the enemy when I was in Afghanistan, and if it wasn't for these guys standing up here, I probably wouldn't be up here talking to you guys today… So be sure you're nice to everybody and everybody get along."

It was a far different Brightman than was seen in a video taken this week at Camp Pendleton, where the sergeant is seen punching and kicking the pickup truck he says rear-ended his vehicle. It's a tirade that lasts three minutes, ending when other Marines pull him away from the vehicle where a disabled female Marine and her younger brother remained locked inside with the windows up.

10News contacted the Marine Corps, but as of yet, no charges have been filed in connection with the case.

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