Mar Vista Grads Protest Sweetwater Board Member

2012 Graduating Class Turned Backs On Sweetwater Board Member Jim Cartmill During Commencement

Video given to 10News shows the entire graduating class at Mar Vista High School on Tuesday turning their backs on a commencement speaker in protest.

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Cell phone video sent in by a 10News viewer shows Sweetwater Union High School District board member Jim Cartmill approaching the podium. He is only able to utter a few words before the Mar Vista graduating class of 2012 stands up and turns their backs to him.

10News caught up with the graduating prom king, Ricardo Moriel, who admitted that he hardly knew anything about Cartmill except for what one of his teachers told him.

"Jim Cartmill is a board member they're trying to get recalled in the district… but you didn't even know that when you were turning your back to him. You just kind of followed the crowd?" asked 10News reporter Preston Phillips.

Moriel responded, "No… I kind of knew already what was going on because our economics teacher told us."

Cartmill told 10News, "I was disappointed that just a few of the more extremist union members that were teachers, you know, had their kids in a captive classroom and essentially used them as pawns on what I think should be a very eventful event for these kids… a touch point in their life."

Petitions are currently being circulated to recall Cartmill and Sweetwater board members Arlie Ricasa and John McCann. The recall committee claims the three have failed to put a stop to board corruption.

10News reached out to the teacher's union for comment but has not received a response since it was after hours.

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