Man upset over AT&T waste near enviromental site

Enviromentalist collected hundreds of wires

SAN DIEGO - An environmentalist contacted Team 10, concerned that discarded wires may be harming a protected area.

Jim Pugh, who is with the Friends of Famosa Slough, said AT&T crews working in the area are to blame for the waste. He has been fighting to protect the Famosa Slough for 30 years.

The 37 acres of protected land near Ocean Beach is surrounded by development but still productive and protected.

"It's really exciting," said Pugh. "The slough has real drama all year long."

He is used to drama from rare bird sightings and new chicks inside the slough, not what is brewing just outside the habitat.

The environmentalist said he has found hundreds of wires and equipment near an AT&T service box located right outside the slough.

Pugh showed Team 10 a bucket filled with wire ties and cords he has collected at the site. He said he picked up 102 pieces of wires in one day.

The box, which is located at the corner of Famosa Boulevard and Valeta Street, is just 40 feet away from a storm drain.

Pugh said any of those wires could get into the street, the drain and then into the slough.

"Is this happening at every one of these boxes?" he asked. "Are there storm drains all over the city that are getting a steady supply of copper wire?"

Team 10 emailed an AT&T spokeswoman, who sent back this statement:

"We appreciate 10News bringing this concern to our attention. We are looking into the situation now. AT&T takes environmental concerns very seriously and we will address this concern accordingly."

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