Man tries to crawl through doggie door in Scripps Ranch burglary attempt

Police use helicopter, dog team during search

SAN DIEGO - San Diego police searched a canyon in the old section of Scripps Ranch for an hour Friday afternoon, looking for a man suspected of trying to break into some homes.

With a police helicopter circling above, scent dogs and their handlers pushed through the brush in an attempt to find the man.

Retired SDPD detective Sgt. Bill Campbell was in his backyard nearby. He was watering the garden when he heard a loud crash on the slope behind the house.

"At first, till I saw him get up, I was looking for the crash noise then I go, 'Hey, dude! What are you doing'? He didn't even look at me; he was intent to get going and he jumped off that thing, did a somersault over there, crashed to the ground and picked himself up and ran off."

Officers were already at a house nearby responding to a 911 call. A woman there called police about an attempted burglary.

SDPD Sgt. Steven Shaw told 10News, "The subject rang the bell about 10 times and she thought he was leaving, but he ended up going into her backyard, took off a couple of screens from the windows and tried opening some."

The woman was quietly waiting for the officers when the man tried to squeeze his way in, police said.

"She had a doggie door in the backyard that the subject had ripped out the doggie door and tried crawling through to get into the house and she ran outside," Shaw said.

Seeing the police, he jumped the fence, tumbled down the embankment and ran for the canyon.

Police said there have been eight burglaries or attempts in Scripps Ranch in the past two weeks. There has also been a spike in Rancho Bernardo, too.  

Police say the hot weather may have something to do with the increase, as many residents are sometimes leaving windows or garage doors cracked open.


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