Man Targeted In 2nd Home Invasion Talks To 10News

Incidents Occurred At Mohammed Hammad's Home On Raffee Drive

A man who was the victim of a home invasion for the second time in a year spoke with 10News on Wednesday.

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Mohammed Hammad cannot believe it has happened to him again.

"It feels like persecution," he told 10News.

Hammad spoke to 10News after he said two men burst into his Bay Ho home on Raffee Drive at about 5:15 p.m and pointed a pistol at him. He said they bound him and stole computers, cash and his BMW. Hammad was not injured.

"These two guys are maybe both theft-oriented and maybe it's a hate crime at the same time," said Hammad.

On Tuesday, Hammad finished physical therapy on his hands, which were broken during an earlier home invasion on Nov. 14. Hammad and his son were taken to the hospital after the same two suspects robbed them and beat them with baseball bats.

Hammad told 10News he is likely a target for two reasons: because he runs a computer repair business out of his home and because he is Muslim.

"And then they said, 'If you ever mention us to the police, we'll come back and kill you,'" said Hammad.

When asked if he did call the police, he responded, "Yeah, of course. What are my choices? That is not a possibility that I would be quiet about it."

Hammad's son Zyad came home and heard the news. When asked if he felt safe in his house, Zyad Hammad answered, "Definitely not. I did before. Now, I don't."

He was home during the first home invasion and hopes his father will now sell the family home they have owned since 1977.

In the meantime, he had this warning for the men if they attempt this again.

"I'm against firearms, but at this point it seems like a good idea," he said.

Police are searching for the two suspects in Wednesday's incident. One is described as a skinhead with lots of tattoos. The other man is described as a large white man wearing a dark blue sweater.

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