Man suspected of escaping police custody, beating elderly woman with handcuffs

Good Samaritan runs suspect down, police say

SAN DIEGO - A local man, who police said escaped custody, was arrested after allegedly beating a 71-year-old woman on her head with a handcuff attached to one of his wrists.

The suspect, identified as 24-year-old Roger Munyororo, was spotted Saturday night getting out of a car. He was arrested on suspicion of automobile burglary. However, Munyororo took off before he was placed in a police cruiser, according to police.

"The suspect handcuffed behind his back immediately runs from the officer," said San Diego Police Department Assistant Chief Boyd Long.

Long added, "Our issue was he was outside the car and not placed inside that car and that's something we're looking in to … What we had was an escaped suspect who had been involved in what we believe was an automobile burglary. We brought units into the area. We continued to search. We did not think he was an additional threat to the public at that point."

Police said Munyororo committed another crime on Sunday morning. He's accused of beating the elderly woman along an El Cajon Boulevard sidewalk. Witnesses told 10News it was a violent and bloody attack.

"The beating was intense," said Tony Santiago, who saw the entire attack from his seat on a nearby bus. "A passing good Samaritan looks like a young gang banger. I hate to use that terminology after what he did."

Santiago was referring to Brandon Coyer, who was standing nearby and ran to help the elderly woman.

"She had cuts all on top of her head," Coyer told 10News. "Once I realized what he had done to her, I had to go after the guy, I mean, she's 70-something years old."

Coyer said he chased Munyororo into the street where he saw the man had a handcuff attached to only one of his wrists.

"So I grab his hand and put the handcuff on him. Then he proceeds to pull his pants down," said Coyer. "I hit him. You just beat an old lady half to death and then you're going to pull your pants down in front of everyone."

"They saw some harm going toward a 71-year-old woman and they reacted," said Long, who did not condone Coyer's actions against Munyororo.

Long added they are investigating how the man escaped police custody.

"In the end, unfortunately, he was able to go on and hurt somebody and that's something we don't like at all," Long said.

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