Man suspected in bomb hoax won't face felony charges: Prank shut down part of I-15 on Thanksgiving

SAN DIEGO - The man suspected of being behind a bomb hoax that shut down a portion of Interstate 15, creating a traffic nightmare on Thanksgiving Day, will not be facing felony charges.

The incident prompted authorities to shut down the northbound and southbound sides of Interstate 15 at Miramar Way while the bomb squad conducted their investigation.

10News obtained the police dispatch calls after a woman received calls from someone who claimed he had put a bomb in her car.

Authorities say the woman's brother, Victor Diaz, was the caller. He says it was all a joke, but no one was laughing, especially his mother.

"He didn't imagine it would be a big problem … but it was just a joke," said Diaz's mother Lucia Garcia.

Garcia says she feels terrible about her son's cruel hoax and the traffic nightmare it created for thousands of people.

"I am very, very sorry for these people," she said.

Garcia says her daughter was terrified and that she never recognized her brother's voice.

"She called the police and told them … 'You have a bomb and you're going to die,'" said Garcia.

Diaz was arrested, but the District Attorney's Office declined to prosecute or file felony charges. The City Attorney's Office may still file lesser misdemeanor charges.

Garcia says her son, who is a practical joker, is learning a serious lesson.

"He's embarrassed and he is sorry for the people because I know him, he has a good heart," she said.

The City Attorney's Office declined to comment on the case, only saying it is up for misdemeanor review.

Diaz was released from jail early Thursday morning.

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