Man sues city of San Diego, claims bad sidewalk led to serious crash

SAN DIEGO - In a lawsuit filed against the city of San Diego, a bicyclist claims a sidewalk hazard caused an ugly crash.

A photo shows a dent on the bicycle that was created after Craig Robinson -- riding on a sidewalk along Carmey Valley Road to access a trail -- crashed.

According to the lawsuit, Robinson hit a six-and-half inch lift in the concrete that almost went across the entire sidewalk.

In the crash, Robinson suffered five broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken shoulder blade, a broken eye socket and amnesia for two days.

The suit alleges the city failed to make sure sidewalks are "free of hazardous conditions."

In June, another lawsuit was filed on behalf of Lily Mata, who said an uneven sidewalk near a Linda Vista elementary school led to her to fall and two broken arms.

As the suits will unfold, local engineering students catalog problems for all of San Diego's sidewalks -- a survey just approved by the City Council.

About $170 million in total repairs are needed, and right now, only $400,000 is budgeted every year.

Attorney Ross Jurewitz, who is not associated with any of the lawsuits, said in these types of cases, the city usually argues the person should have been paying more attention.

He said the city will also appeal to the jury as taxpayers.

"The cost of repair is not a legal defense at all, but it's an appeal to the jury that city uses time and time again," said Jurewitz.

It's something that could be seen again and again, as more lawsuits pile up, along with the sidewalk hazards.

The San Diego City Attorney's Office didn't get to back to 10News for a comment.

Robinson is suing for the city to pay for medical bills that total more than $110,000.

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