Man stuck between Covered California and Medi-Cal calls Team 10 Troubleshooter for help

Peter Pupping dealing with issue for 3 months

ENCINITAS, Calif. - A man called Team 10 desperate for help after dealing with what he calls an insurance nightmare for months.

He said two government agencies have given him the runaround since April at the cost of his family's health.

"We are middle class. I'm just barely taking care of my family day to day," said Peter Pupping.

Pupping said he thought joining Covered California would save him hundreds of dollars. He owns Guitar Sounds in Encinitas and is a well-known musician in town. Health insurance rates were going up for the small business owner.

"Our rates were already high and I hear about Covered California. I think 'Wow, 700 bucks a month I can save," he said.

Pupping was accepted and enrolled, but Covered California told him to apply to Medi-Cal for his three children, aged 21, 16 and 14.

"They said, 'You don't qualify,'" Pupping said.

Medi-Cal denied insurance to Pupping's children because his income was too high. He said he was told to go back to Covered California.

"Covered California said, 'You're in the Medi-Cal system,'" Pupping said.

Covered California denied his children because Pupping said they claimed Medi-Cal had not released the Puppings from their system.

"Their computer system is haywire," he said.

From that day on, Pupping called Covered California and Medi-Cal once a day for three months, with Covered California always saying he is in the Medi-Cal system and Medi-Cal always saying he's in the Covered California system.

Pupping's insurance agent from his former group has tried to help him. Jessica Walker of the Shulte Insurance Agency said her office became certified to help people enroll in Covered California.

Pupping says it gets worse. He and his wife were just notified they would be dropped by Kaiser on July 1. That is the insurance they got from Covered California. Pupping said it was because of a clerical error from Medi-Cal.

"One week of insurance" is all he got, he said.

Team 10 tweeted Covered California Tuesday afternoon and got a call three minutes later. They said they were working on the case.

Several hours later, a spokesman called back and asked for more information on the Pupping case. Team 10 asked the spokesperson to call Pupping directly, but the said he did not know if he could.

Team 10 will continue to act as the liaison until Covered California offers a resolution to the Puppings.

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