Man spotted walking around San Diego County with 3 mules

John Sears 'Mule' lives simple life with his mules

BONITA, Calif. - 10News has learned police agencies around the county are getting calls about an unusual sight: a man walking around with three mules in tow.

On Monday, 10News reporter Itica Milanes caught up with John Sears, who likes to go by the name "Mule," at a preserve in Bonita.

He said his life with his three mules is a simple one and that it is the rest of us who lead lives that are entirely too complicated.

"There must be a balance between the man-made world and the natural world," he said. "We can't live in this unbalanced state and we all know it."

10News got a tip he was in the South Bay and set out to find him. 10News checked for sightings on Facebook and Twitter and finally found him.

The 65-year-old spoke about his simple life walking through the entire western United States with mules "Little Girl," "Lady" and "Pepper."

"We're claiming our right to be what we are move freely in all four directions," he said.

Though Mule has no cellphone, computer or any connection to the modern world, he has a huge fan following online.

Krystal Westcott, who was sick in bed for days, read he was in Bonita and rushed over with carrots for his mules. She told 10News she understands what he stands for.

"I completely get it," she said. "Some people don't get it. I put on Facebook right now, 'Oh my gosh I found him! I'm so happy!'"

Sandy Jones showed up at the preserve and slipped Mule some cash.

"I've been homeless and it's hard," she said.

There is even a documentary being made about the Bay Area native. However, Mule is not welcome everywhere.

10News was there when a park ranger showed up and told him he was not allowed to camp at the preserve overnight. Recently, he was given a $485 citation for unlawful camping in Torrey Pines.

He is due in court later this year but he said you can bet his mules will be right there with him.

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