Man shot in the head during violent crime spree speaks about his recovery

Police: Philip Hernandez shot Will Barton

SAN DIEGO - The man recovering from a gunshot wound to the head in a violent crime spree spoke with 10News about what he has been through.

Will Barton said he doesn't remember that night in October when police say Philip Hernandez shot him and went on to shoot an officer, stole cars and set fires.

The 20-year-old was walking home in Hillcrest and was on the phone with his cousin when he was shot at close range in the back of the head.

The shooting happened two days before Halloween. Barton was rushed to the hospital, barely responding to paramedics and bleeding.

No one expected him to survive.

"My shoulder, I have a bullet hole in it still," said Barton when 10News asked which part of his body hurts the most.

But it was the bullet lodged in his brain that he couldn't feel.

His voice was raspy because of another bullet that went through his throat.

"I mean, I remember that day completely... but that part is blank. I remember exactly what was happening before," said Barton.

"Almost like that part was edited out of your life?" asked 10News Reporter Dan Haggerty.

"It's just black. And I'd rather it stay that way," Barton said.

Hernandez was the 40-year-old who went on a violent crime spree -- shooting, robbing and burning cars -- with his 18-year-old girlfriend in tow.

He was killed in the street after a gun fight with police.

"You know he was just a sick person," Barton said of the man who shot him. "He was evil. I just think he's weak."

Barton told 10News that he wants to get back to his life, to get a place in Point Loma, travel with his dad and get back on his skateboard. At the hospital, he continued to gain strength and the ability to move his legs and his arms slowly.

"I feel happier every day. I'm moving more," said Barton. "My family and my friends are helping me a lot."

Barton said that even he can't win the fight alone -- a fight that took him from the brink of death. Barton said he will keep fighting.

"I have so many great people around me," said Barton. 

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