Man sentenced in child alcohol poisoning case

Joseph Calles given probation

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - A man who allowed a young boy to become so drunk he nearly died learned his sentence on Wednesday.

Late last year, 22-year-old Joseph Calles was babysitting his girlfriend's son -- four-year-old Alex -- and the couple's five-month-old son. When Calles left the room, Alex drank a vodka and Squirt soda cocktail Calles left on a table.

Authorities said Calles never called 911, and when his girlfriend, Jackie Viera, came home, she drove Alex to the hospital.

According to authorities, Alex was as drunk as a 160-pound man who had 10 drinks. His blood-alcohol level was .23 when he arrived at the hospital.

Calles pleaded guilty in December and will serve four years of felony probation. His sentence does not include additional jail time, and some fines will be waived if he does everything the court asks.

Viera asked the judge to throw out a protective order keeping Calles from Alex.

"You're requesting that a protection order protecting your child not to be ordered by the court. Is that correct?" the judge asked.

Viera said, "Yes."

"And you believe that you can continue to provide proper protection for your child?" the judge asked.

"Yes, your honor," said Viera.

Calles' attorney told the court, "Mr. Calles has already attended three counseling sessions that are going to be required as a term and condition of his counseling session."

Although Calles can now be around Alex, the judge ordered absolutely no alcohol in the house.

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