Man's Anti-American Signs Upset Neighbors

Sacramento Man Says He Is 'Telling The Truth'

Residents in a Sacramento neighborhood are outraged over a homeowner's signs that displayed anti-American language.

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Last week, the unidentified man posted signs of an upside-down American flag with the word "sux" written across the flag's stripes. The man also put up signs on his windows, car and garage that had anti-American verbiage.

The man told Sacramento TV station KXTV, "I'm respecting people who died for this country. I'm doing what's right. I'm telling the truth."

While the man is protected by Freedom of Speech, U.S. Army veteran Steven Ash told KXTV, "He's anti-American and he says he's for the people, but he's against the people."

"It offends me, but not to the point where I'm mad at him," neighbor Andre Crump told KXTV. "I know something's wrong with him. He's got issues. I just look at it as another guy with issues."

"My duty is to the people. As a loyal patriotic American my duty is to the people of the country, not some fascist federal corporation," the man told KXTV.

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