Man rescued after falling 35 feet down well in Potrero remains in critical condition

Jerry Fowler gave wife Jessica sign of hope

SAN DIEGO - The wife of a man who was rescued after falling down a well in Potrero spoke with 10News on Monday, saying she will remain by her husband's side no matter how long his recovery takes.

Jerry Fowler, 44, fell 35 feet down a well on his property on Sunday. His wife Jessica said it was not a wooden plank that gave snapped, it was concrete that crumbled around him.

"Why it gave out all of a sudden, I don't know," said Jessica Fowler.

Jerry Fowler was flown by Mercy Air to Sharp Memorial Hospital where he has already undergone two surgeries. His wife said he was on a ventilator for Monday and has facial fractures, among other injuries.

"He has fractures on his back but they can't really do anything until the swelling in the brain…until they have it under control," she said.

She also shared with 10News what he did that offered her a sign of hope on Monday.

"He moved his hand this morning," she said. "He did squeeze my hand and he did move his arm."

Fowler was pulled out of the well by an organized effort of firefighters from all over the county, including Chula Vista's Urban Search and Rescue team, who were nearly an hour away.

"He's got this long umbilical cord that's connected to a box up here that has air supply on it," said Deputy Chief Jim Garcia from the Chula Vista Fire Department as he showed 10News the device. "Our job is to make sure that the firefighter that goes down that well has a constant supply of air and communications."

Those same measures were put into place to help bring Jerry Fowler out of the well.

Still, Jessica Fowler says she will take things day by day.

"I'm not sure what tomorrow brings until they come and talk to me in the morning," she said.

Jerry Fowler remains in critical condition.

A fund has been established for Jerry Fowler. To make a donation:

Torrey Pines Bank
8379 Center Drive
La Mesa, CA 91942

Make checks payable to: Jessica Fowler FBO Gerald Fowler

This is non-tax deductible and a gift.

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