Man reportedly carjacked by Dorner speaks about face-to-face encounter

SAN DIEGO - A man who was reportedly carjacked by Christopher Dorner in the Big Bear area on Tuesday spoke out about his face-to-face encounter.

At about noon on Tuesday, Rick Heltebrake, who operates a Boy Scout camp in Big Bear, was patrolling the property in his pickup truck.

"All of the sudden, I came to kind of a curve in the road and this guy jumped out in front of me, pointed a rifle at me and I put my hands up and stopped and he said, 'I don't want to hurt you. Just get out and start walking,'" said Heltebrake. "I had my dog with me in the passenger seat and he said, 'Start walking and that's what I did.'"

Although Heltabreak knew he was face-to-face with an armed and dangerous fugitive, he still asked Dorner for a favor.

"He said, 'Take the dog,'" said Heltabreak. "I said, 'Can I get her leash?'  He said, 'No. Just start walking.'"

Without the leash, Heltabreak then was carrying his dog and never looked back.

"So I just walked up to a spot where I figured I was out of view," he said. "I looked back and I didn't see him and I just jumped into the snow off the road and I started running off the road."

Heltabreak then used his cellphone to call a friend who is a deputy about his brush with Dorner.

The whole ordeal took just a few seconds, but Heltabreak clearly remembers two things: Dorner was wearing camouflage and he was very calm.

Heltebrake said that last weekend no children came to camp due to the Dorner search. He hopes that this coming weekend, the children will now feel safe and return to camp. 

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