Man points rifle at golfers after wayward golf ball shatters his window

Incident occurred at Via Las Palmas condos

A tense standoff with National City Police Tuesday night was triggered by a homeowner's violent reaction to golf balls hitting his window from a nearby course. 

Officers made every attempt to calm the elderly, disabled man down. Then, they got tough. 10News listened to a female officer as she stood outside the man's condo on the 1800 block of Via Las Palmas condos.

She said, "I understand your frustration. Your window is facing a golf course. That's unfortunate. But your reaction to pointing a rifle at golfers is against the law."

From outside the unit, a 10News crew could see the rifle police believe the man pointed at golfers after a wayward ball smashed his window.

National City police Officer David Bavencoff told 10News, "The owner took offense to that and came out onto his balcony with a rifle and pointed it at golfers and demanded to know who was going to pay for his broken window."

The female officer was also heard telling the suspect, "We had multiple golfers calling. They were terrified. They didn't know if you were going to shoot or not. They don't know you."

Before finding the man, police called his home phone but got no answer. They evacuated several neighboring units and called out a tactical team.

When Susie Lolera saw the cops with their guns she said, "Oh my God! And then he turned around and told us all you guys get inside right now."

Officers positioned themselves with their assault rifles and tactical gear and waited.

Then, the man came out of his condo. Police had a tough time deciding what to do with him because he is elderly and diabetic.

He was not taken to jail but officers took his rifle. They said he will be prosecuted and have to appear in court later this week.


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