Man nearly paralyzed after crash walks again: Grant Fisher returned to work in Sorrento Valley

SAN DIEGO - Doctors told Grant Fisher he would likely never walk again. Fast forward 11 months later, Fisher – the vice president of payment assistance at the San Diego County Credit Union – walked into work on Monday for his first day back.

A surprise party was waiting for him Monday morning at the SDCCU headquarters in Sorrento Valley. Dozens of his coworkers as well as the first responders who helped save him welcomed him back with applause.

"I didn't expect all this… pretty awesome," Fisher said at his welcome back party.

On Jan. 19, Fisher was out for a bicycle ride on Sorrento Valley Boulevard during his lunch break. He was riding in the bike lane when an elderly driver crashed into him. Fisher was pinned underneath the car and suffered severe burns and a spinal cord injury.

After months of rehabilitation, the avid bicyclist returned to work on his own two feet.

"It's not just my positive energy," Fisher said. "It's everybody's positive energy."

He choked up as he talked about his wife Laura, who was with him day in, day out.

"I'll tell you, primarily why I'm here [is] because of my life for her," Fisher said as he held back tears.

10News interviewed Fisher from his hospital bed at the VA in La Jolla in April. At the time, he could only move his toes, but he remained optimistic.

"At the end of the day do I want to walk out of here? Hell yeah, I do," he told 10News reporter Melissa Mecija from his hospital bed.

He did leave that hospital and on Monday, he also met the paramedics and firefighters who saved his life.

"You know, just being able to say thank you for being there for me and helping me get back to life… I'm a lucky man to be able to do that for sure," Fisher said.

Fisher was once given a 1 percent chance of walking, but he beat the odds.

Although he still has a long rehabilitation process ahead of him, Fisher has and will remain positive.

The SDCCU donated $2,500 to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Foundation as a thank you for their work. 

Fisher said he plans to get involved with bike safety advocacy groups as he continues with his recovery.

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