Man suspected in string of burglaries found covered in laundry detergent in National City

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. - A man suspected in a string of burglaries is now in custody after being caught by officers who were responding to another crime.

Police say they were heading to a call regarding a robbery in the Paradise Hills area on Friday at about 10 p.m. when they noticed a car speeding on westbound SR-54. They pursued it and ended up in National City.

Officers say the person behind the wheel of the stolen car was 31-year-old Dewitt Dingoasen.

Not only did he flee from police, officers later discovered he was wanted in connection with a string of burglaries.

For about an hour, patrol cars blocked off a portion of V Street in National City. Neighbors locked their doors while an officer with a police dog searched for Dingoasen.

Ivan Nigara heard him in his backyard.

"He just looked at me for a second and I was looking at him but it was just a quick second," said Nigara. "He was sweating and his eyes were big. I mean, he was running away from police."

Dingoasen was later found in a backyard a couple of doors down.

"He covered himself with laundry detergent and hid underneath the tarp … probably to try and throw off his scent from the dogs but that didn't work," said San Diego police Lt. Paul Rorrison.

White powder still covered his hands and most of his clothing when he was arrested. Dingoasen is now sitting in jail facing a list of charges, including driving a stolen car and felony evading.

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