Man in coma at Chula Vista hospital being moved to UC Irvine Medical Center

Kesell 'Queso' Macias remains on life support

SAN DIEGO - The family of a young man on life support at a Chula Vista hospital told 10News Tuesday that he is being transferred to a hospital outside of San Diego County.

After several months at Scripps Mercy Hospital, the family of Kesell "Queso" Macias said the 22-year-old is being moved to UC Irvine Medical Center.

Doctors at Scripps Mercy Hospital had originally planned to remove Queso from life support Monday, but the hospital delayed its plan last Friday.

The family called the hospital's decision a "miracle."

"This is truly a miracle from God," Queso's sister, Betsy Macias, said last weekend.

Queso has been on life support for nearly two months after a botched weight-loss surgery in Tijuana led to a heart attack.

Family members said even though Queso has been in a coma for nearly two months, he is showing signs of life.

In video they showed 10News, Queso appears to respond to commands to blink.

"They told us that he had a lot of brain damage, but that they couldn't declare him brain dead," said Betsy Macias.

After the hospital reversed course on the life support decision last week, Queso was approved for Medi-Cal coverage. He was previously uninsured.

"We've always told them that we understand his neurological condition … that we will fight, that we believe in miracles," said Betsy Macias.

Scripps Mercy Hospital previously told 10News it could not comment on what medical care Queso has received due to privacy concerns. However, they extended their best wishes and prayers to the Macias family.

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