Man gets his cat back after he says shelter adopted it out by mistake following microchip mix-up

SAN DIEGO - A 10News viewer has been reunited with his cat after he says the San Diego County Department of Animal Services adopted it out by mistake.

Tom Goddard picked up his cat Gus Gus at a shelter Saturday after the people that adopted the cat saw a 10News report Friday evening and agreed to give Goddard his cat back.

Goddard said his cat took off during a walk near his La Jolla home on May 16. He searched the neighborhood and posted ads on Craigslist in an attempt to find his 1-year-old Maine Coon cat. 

On May 27, he received a call from Lori Quattrone of SPOT Animal Rescue group notifying him his cat was at the shelter.

Goddard arrived at the shelter three hours after his beloved pet was adopted by another family.
A microchip mix-up led to a delay in Goddard being notified. The shelter contacted SPOT Animal Rescue because the microchip was traced back to one of their cats. However, it was a different cat from the same litter.

Either way, Quattrone says as soon as the shelter realized there was a problem with the microchip, the cat should have been held and not made available to the public.
"We don't want a bad name for the shelter or for SPOT. We're just trying to reunite a guy with his kitty," said Quattrone.
The cat was microchipped at the animal shelter. It is unclear what led to the mistake.
A spokesman with the Department of Animal Services said they waited longer than the legal 10-day hold period and after no one came forward to claim the cat, it was put up for adoption. 

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