Man finds 3-foot-long snake inside Dumpster; reptile brought to SDPD Central Division station

SAN DIEGO - A man Wednesday found a 3-foot-long boa constrictor in a bag that had been tossed into a commercial trash bin in Logan Heights.

10News learned the man who discovered the snake flagged down a traffic officer, who took the snake to the San Diego Police Department Central Division station at 25th Street and Imperial Avenue shortly before 8:30 a.m.

Officers called in county animal control personnel, who picked up the reptile.

The snake appeared to be in good condition, according to police. It was unknown who dumped the reptile into the garbage container.

After further inspection of the snake, animal control officials say it may actually be a ball python. Boa constrictors and ball pythons are legal to own and not venomous.

Animal Control Officer Victor Posada told 10News that the snake is about a year old and that the specie is not native to the San Diego area.

"They're not indigenous to the area. They are pets," said Posada, who did not know whether someone dumped the snake or it escaped.

"[It's] very unusual. In my 24 years in law enforcement, I can't recall anybody bringing a boa constrictor to the police station," said SDPD Lt. David Mitchell.

Posada said this year he has responded to two or three other calls regarding this type of snake, but never at a police station.

Animal Control officials said owners may claim the snake during a short time period. If no one claims the creature, it will be put up for adoption.


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