Man claims he found small pieces of glass in bread he bought at Vons bakery in Bonita

BONITA, Calif. - 10News went looking for answers after a viewer said a Vons bakery in Bonita sold him bread with glass baked inside.

"Started feeling like a grainy texture," said Aaron Dusenberry. "It almost felt like, you know, when you eat a peppercorn."

Dusenberry buys the artisan-style bread every week from the Vons in Bonita and said it did not take long to realize it was not a peppercorn.

"Kept kind of chewing and it just started feeling more and more grainy," he said. "That was then I kind of realized something was wrong."

Dusenberry said he found green shards of glass.

"I spit it out and it was a shiny substance," he said.

Dusenberry went back to the Vons, called customer service and wrote letters. Each department sent him to another. He said it has been about a month.

"I feel like, as a consumer, I was being misled and that they were out to get me," Dusenberry said.

He said the only call he did receive was from the Vons claims department, asking questions about lawyers and visits to the doctor.

"If I was the type of person that was trying to sue, I would have already been to go see a lawyer," he said.

Dusenberry said he turned to 10News because nothing else seemed to work.

"Just an apology… just for them to say, 'We're sorry and that we investigated and this is what happened. This is why there's glass in your bread,'" he said.

Vons emailed a statement to 10News, saying they are still looking into the details.

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