Man claims attack with box cutter downplayed by deputies

Alleged attacker appeared during 10News interview

SAN DIEGO - An East County man who claims he had to fight off an attacker inside a Spring Valley library is talking to 10News.

Ryan Schofield said he was forced to grab a chair to defend himself from a man who lunged at him with a box cutter inside a library in the Casa de Oro area on Tuesday night.

Schofield said San Diego County sheriff's deputies questioned him as he tried to file a report. He felt that deputies had downplayed the incident.

"Everyone was frightened. Everyone was frightened; it was a very intense moment," Schofield told 10News.

The respiratory therapy student said he was on his laptop, minding his own business inside the library, when out of nowhere a man starting acting out of control.

"At first, he walked into the library using a lot of profanity … very aggressive in nature," Schofield said.

In the middle of Schofield's interview with 10News, the man accused in the attack walked behind him just steps away. That caused Schofield to walk out of the frame of 10News' camera.

The accused attacker turned to 10News' camera, said something unclear, and then walked away. Schofield repeated to someone, "Call the police. Call the police."

Sheriff's deputies were called in and went to question the man as he walked toward Campo Road.

Meanwhile, Schofield clearly looked stunned.

"The man that assaulted me the other night and pulled out a weapon in the middle of the library just showed up," he told 10News. "And he's still walking around as if nothing happened and the police has been notified twice."

Schofield said he initially reported it Tuesday night to sheriff's deputies nearby, but told us that they didn't want to take a report.

"I told them I wanted to file a report that a man in the library pulled a switchblade on me, and they said, 'Well, did you threaten him? Intimidate him at all?' I said no. I'm just informing you that there's a man running around in the community that has the potential to do harm," Schofield said.

10News contacted a lieutenant at the Sheriff's Station in Lemon Grove, who said that they have since spoken with Schofield and a report has been filed.

Sheriff's officials will also talk with the deputies who spoke to Schofield after the incident. They have not been back on duty since then.

Still, Schofield has his concerns.

"There's still a man running around who could be a danger to others," he added.

The San Diego County Library Deputy Director told 10News that while there are no surveillance cameras inside the library, she is aware of what happened Tuesday night.

She said all is being done to ensure the safety of those who come to the library.

Sheriff's officials told 10News that the library staff knows the identity of the man as he frequents that specific library often.



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