Man caught in deadly bee attack while helping others

Family mourns loss of Scott McDonald

SAN DIEGO - A woman whose husband died after being stung by multiple bees spoke to 10News about the man she was married to for 32 wonderful years.

On Sunday, 58-year-old Scott McDonald was helping friends in Julian when he was caught in a deadly bee attack.

His wife, Patricia McDonald, told 10News, "I wasn't done with him … I kept saying, 'Scott, I'm not done with you.'"

Patricia McDonald said they lived in Clairemont, but he wanted to help friends who live by their rental home in Julian by chopping firewood for winter.

"The neighbors that he was cutting the firewood for heard him screaming and came running to help him, but by then he had already collapsed," she explained.

A swarm of bees was on the attack, which is dangerous for anyone, but Scott McDonald was allergic. The neighbors he was there to help came to his aid. They tried CPR and found his EpiPen, but it was not enough.

"Over the years, he had one or two stings now and then and always felt lightheaded or whatever," Patricia added. "He got the EpiPen, but in this case it was different."

Scott was rushed to the hospital, where doctors kept him alive until his daughter could see him.

"Finally, his heart gave out," Patricia said through tears. "The whole family was there with him."

It was his huge heart that made his family love him so dearly, and it was his kindness that drove him to spend the day in Julian helping neighbors who never even asked him to.

"He always was trying to do good for other people," Patricia said. "How he could help a neighbor or friend, even if they weren't asking for help ... It's such a shame because he was one of the good guys."

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