Man berates Girl Scout Cindy Baldan as she sold cookies

Mom says man called daughter a 'hooker'

SAN DIEGO - A 13-year-old Girl Scout from Clairemont said she was on the receiving end of a hate-filled, profanity-laced rant while selling Girl Scout cookies at a Kiel's grocery store.

On Tuesday, Cindy Baldan was selling cookies outside the store with her mother, Melissa. Cindy has been involved in Girl Scouts since she was just 5 years old.

Cindy has sold thousands of boxes of cookies in her life, but she's never encountered a customer like the one she met outside of the store.

"I was cheerful and happy and asked him if he wanted to buy cookies," said Cindy.

Cindy said the man became enraged.  

"He called my daughter a hooker, said she looked like a hooker. I told him to not talk to her that way, that she was 13. He told me to f off," said Melissa Baldan.

The Baldans say the man went on a tirade for several minutes, spewing profanities and expressing his opinion on the Girl Scout's "corrupt organization."

"He called my mom a hoe, and that hurt me because that's my mom," said Cindy.

"My mama bear claws came out and I wanted to pummel him, but that's not what people do," Melissa said.

Cindy said she was traumatized and terrified by the man, who came out of the store after he made a purchase to yell at the troop a second time.

"There was so much hate towards these girls who were selling cookies. My daughter was sobbing, other customers were coming up trying to help console her," said Melissa.

Part of the Girl Scouts' law is to be courageous and strong, and that's exactly what Cindy said she plans to do.

"I won't stop; I'm not going to be afraid to sell cookies again because of this," she said.

10News was able to track the man down for comment, but he declined to speak on the matter publicly.

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