Man beaten at concert files lawsuit

SAN DIEGO - A Valley Center man brutally beaten at a concert in Chula Vista last year has filed a lawsuit against the concert's promoters.

Last September, Zac Zander was pummeled by a group of men in the parking lot of the Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre (now known as the Sleep Train Amphitheatre) before a Jason Aldean concert.

Zander had plate screws inserted in his face and a bone graft after the incident.

Zander is suing Live Nation Entertainment, Inc., and Staff Pro, Inc., alleging the companies did not provide adequate security in the tailgating area where he was attacked.

Rhonda J. Holmes, of San Diego-based law firm Gordon & Holmes, is representing Zander, and she said, "Tailgating is no longer just part of sporting events, it's become a huge part of the country music scene. Some guests even attend these pre-concert events without actually going to the concert … To increase the attendance and sale of alcoholic beverages at its country music concerts, Live Nation for years has widely promoted and encouraged the use of a remote Dirt Lot to stage raucous, day-long outdoor tailgating festivals. Had Live Nation and Staff Pro adequately protected Amphitheatre patrons and guests from alcohol fueled, third party violence, Mr. Zander would have been saved from suffering these dreadful injuries."

In May, 27-year-old Raymond Sharkey was arrested for his alleged role in the beating.


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