Man Attempts To Go Through Airport Security In Underwear

TSA Called Harbor Police When Sam Wolanyk Took Off Trench Coat

It is not often you see someone wearing a trench coat in the middle of summertime. But Sam Wolanyk says he has a good reason.

Wolanyk is getting ready to fly, as he often does, out of Lindbergh Field and does not like the rules he is told to follow while going thru security.

"For some reason, TSA here in San Diego thinks they can order people to dress a certain way and they can't," says Wolanyk.

Underneath his trench coat, he won't show our cameras what he's wearing - but we can tell you, it's not a lot.

When he wore a similar outfit Saturday night at the airport, Wolanyk said the Harbor Police were called by the Transportation Security Administration to intervene, since he refused to go through the scanner and they refused to pat him down.

"They told me to take off my shoes and my coat and I did. And then they froze all the screening lines and called the Harbor Police," Wolanyk said.

He ended up missing his flight. He says there was no reason why he was delayed.

The 41-year-old Clairemont man is no stranger to testing authority - Wolanyk has tried to do this before.

Last November, he was arrested and had his phone confiscated after he tried to go through the TSA check point wearing nothing but his Calvin Klein boxer underwear. Wolanyk is also known to openly carry a gun in public at well-publicized events in the County.

"I called the TSA in Washington, DC to ask them if they have some written guideline for a minimum standard of dress and they don't," he added.

10News found that according to the Transportation Security Administration's Head-to-Toe screening policies, "Travelers can wear any type of clothing or head covering to the security checkpoint. If the officer cannot reasonably determine that the clothing or head covering is free of a threat item, individuals may be referred for additional screening."

In Wolanyk's case Saturday night, he says according to the TSA, when he took off his trench coat, I wasn't dressed appropriately.

But Sunday night, he was sent to a line with no body scanner: he removed his trench coat as instructed, and walked thru the metal detector in barely more than his underwear.

No one said a thing.

He boarded his flight for Detroit by 10 p.m.

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