Man attacks police officer at 7-Eleven parking lot in University Heights

SAN DIEGO - A police officer was attacked Monday while he was responding to a call at a 7-Eleven in University Heights.

The incident occurred at 3 a.m. at the parking lot of a 7-Eleven located at the intersection of Florida Street and El Cajon Boulevard.

10News learned that as soon as the police officer arrived, the man who was causing problems at the store charged at him.

Police said the man attacked the responding officer and both ended up on the ground fighting each other.

A good samaritan who was in the store saw what was happening and ran out to help the officer.

More police officers were called to the scene.

"He was punching the police officer -- the officer was trying to shock him with a current or something," said the store clerk, who witnessesd the altercation. "He tried three or four times and he would not give up."

The officer was uninjured.

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