Man arrested after major security breach at Lindbergh Field

Scot Fenton accused of hiding inside jetway

SAN DIEGO - A man wearing an airport safety vest somehow managed to get into a jet bridge at Lindbergh Field on Saturday night. When he was discovered Sunday morning, airport officials say he tried to board a flight to Dallas.

Harbor Police say they do not know what his motivation was.

22-year-old Scot Jordan Fenton of Las Vegas flew to San Diego on Saturday aboard a Delta flight from Atlanta that arrived at Terminal 2 at about 7 p.m.

Eleven hours later, an airport employee noticed a man in an orange safety vest sleeping inside the jet bridge at gate 36.

"The man would not talk to him, just walked away from him," said Harbor Police Lt. John Forsythe. "He followed him. He had other airport employees follow him. They called police, and he tried to get on a United flight."

That United flight was boarding at gate 38, right across from the gate where police say Fenton had been hiding.

Police say Fenton had no identification with him when he was arrested and that he tried to give them a false name. 

Police later found his wallet stashed in the terminal near where Fenton was caught. An extensive search of the area did not find any other physical evidence.

Airport security expert Glen Winn told 10News it appeared security protocols were not followed. 

"My concern would be what searches were conducted and when they were conducted throughout that terminal?" he said.

Winn explained that overnight searches of airport facilities usually happen in the morning before the airport is reopened.

Forsythe said the jet bridge would not have been searched because once it is locked, it is considered secure.

He said surveillance video helped investigators trace what Fenton was doing and how he managed to breach security. He declined to say how Fenton did it because to do so would "expose a security vulnerability."

Fenton faces charges of trespassing on an airport operations area and giving false information to police.

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