Man accused of using box cutter in attack turns self in

Victim alleges attack was at Casa de Oro library

SPRING VALLEY, Calif. - A man accused of using a box cutter to attack another man at a local library turned himself in to authorities Friday after the story aired on 10News.

Ryan Schofield told 10News that he had to use a chair to defend himself when a man lunged at him with a box cutter inside a Casa de Oro library.

Schofield said he tried to file a report with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, but he said he felt that deputies downplayed the attack.

"I told them to file a report that a man in the library pulled a switchblade on me and they said, 'Well, did you threaten him? Intimidate him at all?' I said no," said Schofield.

During an interview with 10News on Thursday, Schofield had to pause as his alleged attacker walked right behind him.

A lieutenant for the Sheriff's Substation in Lemon Grove told 10News the attacker walked into the station after the story aired and told them he was the man on TV and walked out. Deputies caught up with him later back at the crime scene and were able to arrest him.

On Friday, Schofield told 10News he's relieved that the man turned himself in.

"I'm happy and feel safer for everyone in the community," Schofield said.

"He is being held at the county jail on charges of brandishing a deadly weapon and his parole officer has been informed of the new charges," sheriff's Lt. Eddie Brock told 10News.

Regarding Schofield's problems filing a report, Brock told 10News he was sorry Schofield had a difficult time.

"It's important for the public to know we take everything that's sent to us seriously," Brock said.


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