Man accused of killing wife in El Cajon home talks to 10News

Kassim Alhimidi accused in death of Shaima Alawadi


A man accused of killing his wife in their El Cajon home told 10News Friday it was someone else who committed the crime.
Kassim Alhimidi, 48, was arrested Thursday and faces a murder charge in connection with the death of his 32-year-old wife, Shaima Alawadi, last March.
In an interview from San Diego Central Jail, Alhimidi told 10News reporter Preston Phillips, "I'm not guilty," and that he was not in the house when his wife was viciously beaten.
Alhimidi said even a neighbor saw a man with much darker skin enter and leave his home.
Alhimidi told 10News initially he didn't know why police wanted to arrest him Thursday.
"I tell him, 'Why?' He tell me, 'Kassim, you know why.' I didn't know why. He tell me, 'You killed your wife.' I tell him, 'No.' I am not kill wife," Alhimidi said. "Yesterday, he tell me, 'Kassim, you were in the house at the same time.' I tell him, 'What time?' He tell me, '10:45. You were in the house … your wife died.' He tell me, 'Yeah, I have your phone, your phone in the house.' I am not guilty. I am not guilty. I need lawyer."
"You're saying someone came into the house and killed your wife?" Phillips asked Alhimidi.
He replied, "Yeah … yeah."
Alhimidi said he and his wife had a very special relationship, and like any relationship, nothing is perfect. But he said he would never hurt her.
Alhimidi said police told him they were able to ping his cellphone and place him at his home or at least very close by.
He said he doesn't see how that's possible since he wasn't close by at the time of the incident.
Alhimidi said his arrest is taking a major toll on his children.
"No good I am. No good because I have my kids, no mom, no dad. I am not guilty. My kids, five kids I have in the United States. This is a big problem. I am mom, I am dad now," he said.
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