Hearing for woman accused of causing crash that killed firefighter delayed

Darin Steffey remembered by loved ones

SAN DIEGO - A preliminary hearing for a woman accused of causing a crash that killed a firefighter has been delayed.

Darin Steffey was struck and killed in a crash in Campo in October. Natasia Wood has been charged in his death.  

The judge on Tuesday pushed the hearing back until Feb. 26. 10News learned the reason for the delay has something to do with sealed documents.

Steffey's girlfriend Jessica Raddatz and his sister Heather were two of about 20 people who showed up in court wearing t-shirts and photos of him.

On Monday, they watched a video tribute to Steffey created by his fellow firefighters.

Raddatz explained, "It's hard seeing him because it's different than looking at photos … when you see his smiling face and he's waving, and he's laughing, and he's dancing and it's heartbreaking. He had no idea what coming. No idea his life will be over soon."

A temporary memorial stands off the shoulder of Buckman Springs Road, where his motorcycle was struck head-on in October. He died instantly.

"I cried all day," said his sister. "My favorite person in the world was taken and I saw the video today and cried all day. My family's torn apart and this will never go away for me."

Raddatz added, "You want to wake up. It's a nightmare. It's over and over and over again."

Steffey was a man with an easy smile; former Air Force; then firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service, a member of the Laguna Hot Shots.

Raddatz was asked to recall a magic moment with him.

"My last moment with him because I didn't know it was my last," she said. "I woke him up and kissed him and told him I loved him and he said, 'Have a good day. I love you, too' and that was just us and I went to work."

Steffey's loved ones are trying to erect a permanent memorial on the site. A fundraising site has been set up on Facebook. Click here for more information.

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