Longtime psychiatrist weighs in on string of North Park attacks

There have been five attacks in recent weeks

SAN DIEGO - The community of North Park remains on high alert after a fifth violent attack.

The latest victim was attacked Sunday morning on Lincoln Avenue. Police say she suffered injuries to her face and a possible concussion.

It is a community where it is not hard to find people walking around.

"This is a really nice neighborhood," said resident Thizbee Luedtke. "People say good morning to each other when they walk their dog or take their kids to school."

But a string of attacks against women have rocked the community. There have been five assaults in six weeks.

A photo given to Team 10 shows the blood on the ground where the latest victim was knocked down.

Cody Sturm lives feet from where the latest assault occurred.

"Police [came] and knocked on my door and asked my family if we had seen anything," he said.

All the female victims were knocked to the ground while walking alone. Police confirmed three of the attacks were attempted sexual assaults.

"The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and certainly he's on a roll. There's no reason to believe he's going to stop," said clinical psychiatrist Dr. Mark Kalish.

Police are looking into a possible connection between all the assaults. Kalish said he would not be surprised if the attacker was on drugs.

"Perhaps the individual is using methamphetamine and we see with people using methamphetamine, they're much more violent," he said.

In the first two attacks, there were two men involved. Police say the attack Sunday was not an attempted sexual assault, but Kalish said it should not be ruled out.

"We really don't know if there was some intervening fact," he said. "Maybe a car passed by, maybe he was frightened away by some other sound."

There have been more police patrolling North Park, but that has not put a stop to the violence.

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