Locals make trip to watch inauguration

SAN DIEGO - A group of San Diego traveled to Washington, D.C., Thursday to watch President Barack Obama's inauguration in person.

As a TV producer, Richard Shaw has visited almost every corner of the world. One thing he's never seen is an American president's inauguration.

"It's just exciting to witness history and also to be a part of history," said Shaw.

Shaw worked to help Obama win a second term. He produced a video with East County supporters.    

"I'm looking forward to what he has to say after he's sworn in," said Shaw. "Now that the election is over, we (have) four years to really try to get things right."

Shaw and his wife will watch Obama begin his second term in office from an area in front of the Capitol. It's a section only accessible to those with tickets.    

Shaw won his tickets in a lottery by Rep. Susan Davis.

Meanwhile, an Oceanside grandmother is paying her own way so her grandchildren can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Trish Halsey, 7-year-old Tyler and 5-year-old Kiera will be watching from the National Mall.

"We're going to take lots of pictures," said Halsey. "We're going to do a journal every night about what we've done that day."

While her grandkids are too young to care about politics, they will get to see American government at work.

"This trip, we're going to be the three branches of government," said Halsey. "I'm the attorney, so I'm the judiciary branch. Tyler is the executive branch; he's president Tyler. Kiera is the legislative branch. She's senator Kiera."

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